It's Down To Earth

A Science Fiction Novel by James E. D. Cline

Background: The prior story of the saga was "Spacetrains Are For Peacetime." This story starts in the scenario where the KESTS linking bridge between Earth Surface and the GEO Habitat Ring of The Clarke Belt Cities had finally been destroyed. The polygamous pirate gang that had usurped the earth surface during what was to be a temporary exodus to the Clarke Belt while the ecosystem of the planet was jump-started back to a balanced functionality, finally had achieved its intention to isolate the earth surface from the Clarke Belt Cities. Blocked from proceeding with the restoration of the planetary ecosystem and then returning to their homes on the ground, the seven billion inhabitants of the Clarke Belt Cities had adjusted to life in GEO, utilizing some resources replenished from Lunar materials. But supplies of several essential materials, such as carbon and nitrogen, were getting in short supply, and so a foray was planned to return to the earth surface and attempt a reconstruction of a bridging structure....

Although a lot of technical ideas are presented as solutions to the many problems encountered by the people in the story, one that may be of special interest is that of the "SolidKESTS" or "Solid Band KESTS" utilizing a continuous ribbon armature instead of discontinuous armature segments as the centrifugal force support force generator in the structure. This  form of KESTS is explored both between GEO and Earth surface equator, as well as in a "Circular KESTS" configuration, in this case in the high altitude atmosphere encircling the planet, as a high speed rail support structural technique linking the continents high above the equator.

(The story proceeds below; and the table of contents is to the right side of this page)

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Nanowrimo winner again in 2007

Jim Cline achieved the 50,000-word goal for the third year in a row, with the creative wiriting of - "It's Down To Earth" in the 30 days of November 2007