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A Science Fiction Short Story by James E. D. Cline

Background: This story became the beginning of the "saga" that has sort of been happening in my sci-fiwritings. It mostly was written in my first effort at doing the activity in November 2004. It has had a lot of revisions since then, including heavily leaning on, during its start, the incomplete story I had written on my Adam Coleco computer when in the SF Bay area way back in the mid-1980's, where the great redwood forests were a kind of conscious group being that chose to influence the phenomenon of man's excessive use of petrochemicals and causing carbon dioxide buildup in the atmosphere. That early unnamed writing I called later "Unfinished Transportation Story" as it focused on my Pullband Ground Commute system, a concept of a very time-&-energy efficient commute system which I had started thinking about while sitting in my car in the long gas lines in the early 1970's, and have added pieces to at times during the 3 decades since then.

In this version, the great redwood forests provided the impetus for technology, instead of the Iran-Iraq war that was ongoing during the original version's writing.

(The story proceeds below; and the table of contents is to the right side of this page)

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Redwood forests in story

"The great redwood forests had memory of their past eons of greatness, and the mind of their collective beingness came to a decision: it is time to have the change. Their aura was so expansive that it had felt the entire planet's saga, now written into their essence...."