Spacetrains Are For Peacetime

A Science Fiction Short Story by James E. D. Cline

Background: This was my first deliberate attempt to write my technical concepts in the form of science fiction, although it became the 5th in the eventual saga sequence. It got me thinking of a specific possible scenario. Later I wrote events of before and after this story.

The impetus of my writing this was from a good friend, who knew me well, was psychologically savvy, and clearly perceived that I would find it a bit easier writing the holistic perspectives that fiction allows, than my academic-like struggles of writing my concepts in the form of technical papers that I presented as space conferences.

The story line came from my exhasperation with the response I had been getting from "humanity" re my KESTS to GEO concept that I believed could make civilization really great with wonderful options for all concerned. I spent lots of time trying to figure out why the actual treatment I had been getting in the many years since I had first gotten the inspiration back in 1988 and put it on the public GEnie Spaceport library, as sponsored a bit by the National Space Society, formerly the L-5 Society. But even back then I was getting caustic responses, although few made any effort to technically challenge the concept, nor do they now. "They" merely ignore it all.

So, extrapolating and magnifying all this people interaction stuff, out came "Spacetrains Are For Peacetime" in a bit of irritation at the increased continual prodding from my friend; she had even bought me some software to help with screenwriting, which gave me some clues as to what to consider in a fiction adventure story. And so Chapter One got written, probably more appealing to the adolescent set, but did introduce a concept of using a technique of pilots taking turns on sitting in the cockpit playing simulation games on the console time after time, until one day their warcraft is told to immediately launch, and their game is still played the same except now with accelerations of physical reality happening.

I discovered thereby that in creatively writing fiction, I sometimes came up with creative new ideas for technology and its uses, easy and spontaneous. This was a creative pattern in my writings from then on, and got my interest revved up about writing science fiction.

(The story proceeds below; and the table of contents is to the right side of this page)

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