The Space Escalator Carousel's

Unique Potentials

The Space Escalator Carousel's Unique Potentials
A technical paper by James E. D. Cline

This was one of three papers I presented at the Space Science and Exploration 2005 conference in Albuquerque, NM in 2005. I had submitted three papers in the hope that one might be accepted; all three were accepted so there is much redundancy among them. The complexities of intentions of those involved are mysterious but not entirely unguessable, suffice it to say that the subject was not actually welcome at the conference, being more focussed on the more conventional anchored tether space elevator. Nonetheless, here is another of my three papers I endured presenting there. They were all published, but the graphics were destroyed in the hardcopy. Here are the correct graphics, which supply essential understanding to the unconventional concept.

(The technical paper proceeds below; and the table of contents is to the right side of this page)

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KESTS structural support principle

High velocity sliding armature segments exert a force on a guiding track that is bending their trajectory; if bent completely around a planet, and if going faster than orbital velocity at all altitudes, this force  provides upward support force to the track structure.