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New approaches to solving some of mankind's biggest problems sometimes appear in unexpected places, enabled by the world's accumulation of diverse knowledge and expertise, and even reaching creative people who are not among the rich and wealthy, so they too can attempt to contribute to the progress of civilization. This website offers several such creative contribution efforts, including using modern materials and technology to essentially enable the building of very different kinds of "bridges" where only "ferrys" could go before; thus enabling several kinds of projects that are otherwise uneconomical, including projects which could be adopted by corporations or nations to provide...
(1) economical lift of construction materials, and for long term maintenance access, for thousands of multi-gigawatt solar-electric power (SPS) in Geostationary Earth Orbit to cleanly power our civilization's growth and enable adequate cutback in CO2 production if done in time (requires end of haggling over who owns rights of ownership and profit, doing it intelligently, keeping the greedy out of control)
(2) cleanup of toxic industrial byproducts through solar powered total conversion back into their component elements: recycle materials economically lifted to GEO for processing in immense mass-spectrometer type solar powered facilities, restoring toxic hazardous materials back into their pure component elements, and return of those pure chemicals back to the ground for re-use by our industrial civilization
(3) electrically powered lift of rocket spacecraft up to high energy level spaceports to enable really huge expeditions outward, improving probablity of safe project achievements
(4) sufficient access to vast room in high earth orbit to also, if we wanted, build rotating cities resembling the 1976 Stanford Torus design of 10,000 people each

... and some really big reasons why to get to doing it now, mankind's messes may make tomorrow too late; procrastination is easy now but very costly later, every day's delay costs a diversity species' life, for example. And it will take teamwork among people and nations far beyond what tribalism allows; we are all on this ship together, klutzy sink it or consciously sail it. Is it really somebody else's problem; will big business have solved it all for us when we wake up tomorrow?
... and other widely rambling stuff by J. E. D. Cline is here, including dabbling in writing sci-fi novels, as Work-In-Progress html momentos in his senior years.

Anchored tether space elevators: Moon tether elevator thru L-1 Earth anchored tether elevator through GEO Presentation prepared for SES2007 re space elevators
Cost foundation: calculating energy given to payload by lifting it up from ground to GEO Planet-encircling space elevator/escalators - escalator carousel to GEO Presentation given at ASCE Space2002 Presentation given at ASCE Space2004 Presentation #1 given at SES2005 Presentation #2 given at SES2005
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