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Escalator High - home page - insights about a new kind of way to access high earth orbit, suggesting feasability potential for lifting the materials to GEO for building the long-envisioned solar-sourced Satellite Power Stations, facilities for true solar-powered total recycling of toxic materials, facilities for Mars & asteroid large scale expeditions, even build passively shielded Stanford-Torus type cities there in GEO. Bear in mind, however, the ongoing reality that the business-political climate presently is in no mood whatsoever for this sort of thing, finding familiar reactive assault very preferable to risky forgiveness' understanding and building together toward a better common future. A courageous people peacefully wisely responsible for their future could perhaps make this opportunity happen. However, you can now enjoy exploring this in your imagination. Have fun!
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Briefly, this structure would be just a huge perimeter electric lifting motor that also uses the kinetic dynamics within itself as its major weight support means. Electric power is input at the Earth surface terminal, then energy kinetically distributed around the structure, to adjust its position and lift payload spacecraft continuously along itself up into high earth orbit. Once it has lifted the components for the first Satellite Power Station, it would thereafter provide space access energy derived thusly from solar energy.

Looking a little closer at this concept, this new pathway would be built as a kind of multilayer hoop-shaped multiple armature electrical motor eccentrically encircling the Earth (as shown in the above diagram), such as out of an equatorial tunnel in the Andes Mountains and extending around up to connect with GEO (Geostationary Earth Orbit) above the opposite side of the planet, its weight supported by high velocity armature mass flowing along maglev tracks around the inside of the hoop, sufficiently fast such that its outward centrifugal force slightly exceeds the inward force of gravity on the earth-stationary mass of the motor hoop's stator with its payload-carrying spaceship loads. With each multiple (minus one) of orbital transfer velocity, the rapidly circulating armature mass can support a load equal to its own mass.

The attached spaceships are dragged upward inductively along outer-hoop maglev tracks, by the upward-bound circulating high velocity mass, thus very efficiently needing to lift no fuel for the trip between the earth's equator up to Geostationary Earth Orbit, analogous to an escalator's function for efficiently expanding shopping areas, a "second floor to civilization" then becoming capable of being built along GEO's immense circumference.

A new era of space transportation and utilization of space is conceivable, given a low-loss KESTS design, since the 7.15 KWh/lb energy actually added to payload by lifting it from ground into GEO is only 72 cents per pound, if at 10 cents per KWh electrical cost.

The whole transportation structure can be thought of as a huge perimeter multiple armature electric motor, eventually itself to be powered from some of the Solar Power Stations it lifts construction materials for up to GEO to supply civilization's nations with abundant clean electric power, and enabling long term future space access despite fluctuations of sources of energy availability from ground sources.

For a quick look at some technical hardcopy about this, following are links to the substance of some technical papers I recently presented at the recent Space Exploration 2005 conference, but not yet published proceedings, of which the copyright terms allow me to also publish the papers.

  1. Carousel Spacecraft Electrical Lift Around the Earth Up To GEO
  2. Comparison of KESTS to GEO vs. Anchored Tether Space Elevators

A slide series from a presentation I made as SES'05 conference, April 2005 info

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