Centrifugally Shaped Hoop

Structures Are Used Here

Structures of a size far greater than those possible by support merely by their component strength of materials, can theoretically be made and supported by restrained kinetic energy within the structure, expressing as centrifugal force."KESTS" transportation structures to space would use such a principle in its structural support.

A KESTS would be a structure which is supported by kinetic energy.

and whose function is to provide transportation.

Adapting this principle of structural shaping and strengthening, to the task of providing a transportation that has sufficient energy efficiency and transportation capacity to buld vast industrial and life support structures in high earth orbit, A KESTS to GEO theoretically could change the usage of nearby space as much as the railroad system did for the interior of America, usage totally beyond that possible by wagons and horse and buggy travel.

The location and use could be many places, but the place of usage which is the focus of attention here is between the Earth's surface and orbital altitudes, particularly the high earth orbit that is synchronous with the Earth's rotation, GEO, Geostationary Earth Orbit. The reason is that a low cost transportation up to there, operating continuously, of potentially very high capacity, and powered by electricity, could enable applications built in GEO that would be extremely beneficial to civilization's long term sustainability and the planetary ecosystem, if properly done.

The most efficient form of KESTS explored in most depth on these pages uses kinetic energy as stored in the armature of a rapidly rotating electric motor's armature, which creates an outward centrifugal force by the rotating mass of the armature. The combination of the mass and the velocity provides how much outward force is created by the armature.

In the KESTS configuration sugggested here for use between ground and GEO, "KESTS to GEO", or the more colorful term "Carousel Space Escalator to GEO" the armature is of large perimeter, essentially in the shape of an elliptical orbital transfer trajectory connecting between the radius of the earth's surface, around the planet to the location of GEO, about 6.7 planetary radii. The outward force of the high velocity armature presses against a low friction track structure which actually finalizes the shape of the overal structure with its motor armature, and provides enclosure for the hard vacuum environment required by the armature where it is in the planetary atmosphere. The upward-moving magnetic armature also is used to drag spacecraft up from ground to GEO, so they do not need to carry fuel for the trip. Lowering the spacecraft back to the ground can be done a similar way. Thus this forms a Kinetic Energy Supported Transportation Structure, a KESTS.

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lasso pic

A lasso is an example of a centrifugally shaped hoop structure

Appearing as a thin arc around the horse in this photo, Martinez spins his rope lasso around his horse while riding down Colorado Boulevard in Pasadena CA in the New Year's Rose Parade, January 1, 2008, This demonstrates the use of centrifugal force to change the form of a limp loop of rope into a tightly stretched and shaped circular structure in the form of a lasso, which then can be moved around as a fixed shaped structure,