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The discomfort some people have with the management of the synchronous discontinuous armature mass stream part of the KESTS strucure, has gotten me to explore the possibilities of the Continuous Band Armature KESTS form of structure.  I had explored it some in the 2005 novel "The Ark of 1984's Future", and indeed had been thinking about it since late in 1985, but had not figured out how to economically access and control such a "Circular KESTS" in continual high altitude "orbit" above the equator. The subject of building such a structure is explored more extensively in the November 2007 novel I wrote "It's Down to Earth"  in both that circular high atmosphere form, as well as the characteristics it would have in the form linking the Equtorial surface and GEO.

These "solid band KESTS" look like they might be able to provide R&D KESTS as intermediate experimental structures and for low rate of payload transfer, since they share many gondola restrictions with the anchored tether space elevator concepts. And yet for "Circular KESTS" in the upper atmosphere, or for uses similar to Keither Lofstrom's "Launch Loop" concept for pitching spacecraft from a high velocity band linking equatorial ground to the ringes of the atmosphere; The Solid KESTS link to low LEO that way would avoid the high bending stresses at the bending pulleys of the Launch Loop type structure, by using the garvitational field of the planet to bend the continuous loop around.

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Come look in as I explore a new (fo0r me) way to identify the ideas used in these sci fi writings, connecting them with the more technical descriptions. Strting with "It's Down to Earth" sci fi novel's ideas

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